quarta-feira, outubro 18, 2006


Sex Pistols - Lonely Boy

Im left in misery
The girl I loves gone across the sea
Im all alone
I aint got no home
Mandy was her name
Sleepin was her game
She didnt care about me
Oh god, baby cant you see
Im a lonely boy
Im a lonely boy
I need her tender touch
Oh, I need it oh so muchI cant forget
Im so upset
I wonder where shes gone
I wonder where she went wrong
I wanna get her back to me
But I think shes tired of me
Im a lonely boy
Im a lonely boy
Every time I think of her
It brings back memories
I remember how it used to be
Oh baby, cant you see?
Oh baby, come back to me.
Im a lonely boy
Oh my darlin cant you see
Youre the one that means so much to me
I know I need youre tender touch
Oh I need it oh so much
Pareceu-me uma boa musica pra esta foto.
O que será que ele está pensando?
Tirada em Faro, no cais do mar-taxi com a ria Formosa e Ilha de Faro ao fundo, com um efeito sépia

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pinky disse...

uauuuuuuuu...grande foto!